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What is staking?

Staking is how you support the various creators on the platform, fund their projects. By staking your coins on a creator you are offering them your support and the rewards that come with it. Your coins are not locked up and can be withdrawn at any time. You can visit the official staking platform at

How can I stake on

You can stake on by connecting your ethereum wallet through an addon like metamask (most commonly used) once you allow the site to spend your Dev coin, you are able to stake on any project you would like

Which creator/project is the best to stake on?

Below you will see a list of creators all who are searching for funding through the Dev Protocol. Each offers the same rewards to stakers there is no best creator to stake. The amount staked on a creator only influences how much their project will be supported, as a staker you will still earn the same reward no matter where you stake. So choose a project you want to see succeed.

How much are my staking rewards?

Staking rewards are based on the current apy shown on the top of, as seen below. The apy changes based on the total percent of coins staked from the total supply and the amount of projects on Rewards are paid through the inflation rate which you can also see below. The inflation is paid between stakers and creators at a rate of 49% and 51% respectively. This means that by staking you receive 49% of new coins created for the project and creators earn 51%.

How often are rewards calculated ?

Rewards are calculated every block and added to the amount of rewards you have earned up. You can withdraw your rewards whenever you want, but take in mind there are ethereum fees associated with the transaction so its better to let them pile up for a week or so before you withdraw. When ethereum network fees are high, you might want to hold off on withdrawing for the time being.

How can I unstake and take back my coins?

Below you can see the unstake button and the withdraw button. Once you unstake you must wait an ethereum block and then you are able to hit the withdraw button.

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