Learn about DEV token's utility within the protocol.

Token Usage

DEV is a utility token that is an essential part of Dev Protocol. Users stake their tokens in OSS projects to indicate which projects they believe are valuable. Active participants of the protocol get rewarded in minted DEV tokens for their participation.

Etherscan - DEV token

Staking Rewards

The total reward for a per block called rewards is determined as follows.

rewards is defined by Policy Contract. Policy Contract is updated by on-chain governance. The content described here follows the specifications defined in 0xa220A9F9eD7c434F0bF2a45d86188FE22026F1d4.

  • More lockups, less rewards.

  • More assets, more rewards.

As lockups increase, rewards decrease, and inflation rates decrease. As assets increase, rewards increase, and inflation rates increase. The deflationary trend makes it more rapidly by lockup increases. Ideally, an increase in assets should be accompanied by lockups, so an increase in assets should be a factor in increasing the inflation rate. But as lockups increase, the less impact the increase in assets will have. The maximum value is 0.00012 per block and an asset. This value can be changed through governance proposals.

The following formula illustrates the basic concept

Rewards=Max(1StakingRatio)((12(StakingRatio10))/2+1)Rewards = Max*(1-StakingRatio)^((12-(StakingRatio*10))/2+1)

The number of reward vs. staking ratio will as follows curve:

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