How to start monetizing your Github projects on Stakes Social.

Monetize your GitHub project with Dev Protocol. Your community will be able to stake tokens on your project which mints new DEV tokens for you and your supporters based on current APY. Creators receive a yield on the total DEV staked in their project while supporters receive a yield on their stake. The result is a sustainable economy that aligns and strengthens the incentive model between creators and supporters.

Creator’s Steps

Download Wallet

Purchase ETH

Connect Wallet

Create Project

Request Access

Authenticate Project

Additional Steps

Add Dev Protocol Badge to Github

Step One- Download Wallet

Stakes Social requires a blockchain wallet to fund fees and receive payments. We recommend downloading MetaMask which supports both Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Download MetaMask:

Step Two- Purchase ETH

You will need to acquire Ethereum (ETH) to pay for the fees associated with creating a new project. The required amount is contingent on current gas prices. MetaMask offers the option to buy ETH inside the wallet. Click buy then scroll down to Wyre to buy ETH using a debit or credit card.

Step Three- Connect Wallet

Click “Connect Wallet” on the top right corner. This will grant permission to your wallet to interact with Stakes Social.

Step Four- Create Project

Click Create on Stakes Social to start onboarding your project from Github. Select the Github button to create and authenticate your repositories on the chain.

Create project:

Project Details

Pool Name: Enter the name of your project (this is what people will see)

Project Symbol: The symbol for your tokenized Github project

Arguments: Your repo link and your personal access token. Create a personal access token without all scopes and post it there. The oracle automatically uses it to verify ownership, it is not stored.

This step will create a token which will represent ownership of your Github project. All earned creator rewards will be given to the holder of this token. This token is an Erc- 20 token and stored in your Eth wallet so you must keep this safe. If you lose access to your wallet then you will be unable to redeem creator rewards.

Step Five- Authenticate Project

Please complete the application below once you get to this step. Applications will be approved as long as the project and creator is legitimate.

Github Application:

Once your application is approved you’ll be notified to authenticate your Github project. This step ensures the protocol that you’re the owner of your Github project. You’ll need to enter your Github repository’s name and personal access token to authenticate.

Note: All information is confidentially retrieved using Dev Protocol’s Khaos oracle.

At that point you can invite your supporters and other patrons to stake your project. Once your project has stakers, you will start to earn creator rewards to help fund your project.

Additional Steps

Add Badge to Github

Add the Dev badge to your Github and social account to make it easier for your community to support you. To add the badge copy the code below and insert the applicable information in the fields.

A. Write in Markdown format (this is a particularly popular way in OSS)


B. Write in HTML format

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Dev"></a>

Collect Rewards

Your project will begin to earn creator rewards (DEV) once supporters stake. Creator rewards are earned based on current APY. APY represents one year of interest. For example, when creators’ APY is 51%, a 100 DEV stake will earn 51 DEV in a year.

Rewards can be withdrawn at any time. Simply, click the “Withdraw” button on your project’s page to redeem your creator’s rewards. This will prompt an Ethereum notification to confirm your transaction. Ether (ETH) is required to pay for transaction fees to withdraw rewards.

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