A collection of common questions regarding the Geyser liquidity program.

Who holds the funds?

Uniswap contracts hold the tokens associated with the UNI-V2 LP tokens. The Geyser contracts hold the staked UNI-V2 tokens and the DEV tokens for distribution (in the locked and unlocked pools). All ownership is accounted for onchain via smart contracts.

Where can I see the code?

The Geyser solidity code and contract addresses can be found on our Github.

Has it been audited?

Dev Protocol Geyser has not been audited. Dev Protocol Geyser is a fork of Ampleforth's Geyser program that was audited. Dev Protocol changed Geyser's parameters while keeping the source code intact. Use at your own risk.

Will Geyser be extended?

The initial Geyser liquidity program will last for three (3) months. If necessary, Dev Protocol will extend the Geyser liquidity program. Dev Protocol reserves the right to increase rewards for the current Geyser liquidity program by adding more DEV tokens.

Do I still receive Uniswap LP trading fees?

Yes. The profit-and-loss of Uniswap tokens are unchanged by the Geyser liquidity program. The Geyser contracts simply hold the UNI-V2 LP tokens for you as long as they are staked.

Did Dev Protocol create Geyser?

No. Dev Protocol pulled Geyser from Ampleforth. Ampleforth created and maintains Geyser under GNU General Public License v3.0 (c) 2020 Fragments, Inc. We'd like to thank the Ampleforth team for open sourcing Geyser.

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