Use Cases

Find out what Dev Protocol can achieve.

  • Fund OSS Projects and Creators

    • Provide a sustainable funding method for OSS projects and stakers which allows both parties to earn from supporting eachother.

  • Receive perks

    • Dev Protocol will explore an application for creators to offer their stakers exclusive perks for staking in their pool. For example, Youtubers can offer discount on products for their stakers.

Beneficial opportunity for Dapps developers

When developing a Dapp using Dev Protocol, there are several main models of beneficial opportunities you can get:

  • Receive part of a Property(a.k.a. Creator Token)

    • If your Dapp is beneficial to creators, you can require them to deposit a part of a Property to take advantage of Dapp. If Dapp owns 1% of the Property, Dapp will receive 1% of creator rewards.

  • Transaction fees

    • If your Dapp provides an aggregator or a new UX, you can collect a DEV as a fee when staking or withdrawing rewards.

  • Staking

    • If your Dapp itself is a Property, you can request staking for using the Dapp.

  • ...And unknown Lego

    • Dev Protocol is an on-chain middleware protocol! You are free to combine it as part of a Lego block.

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